EAT create great food-to-go with an attention to detail and curiosity that's unique in their sector. Staffed by a team of committed foodies their menu is a constantly changing offer of old favorites and new treats.

Every ingredient and recipe is carefully chosen and it's the this sentiment of "Handcrafted" that defines the essence of the EAT brand.

Our methodology is more akin to a classic advertising technique where a copywriter and art director work together to create a complete and cohesive brand.

In this way we build a tone of voice alongside the visual style, and create a who;e raft of expressions and compositions that can be used throughout the entire customer journey.

The original EAT logo has been redrawn to give it a softer, more gentle, approachable feel.

Every aspect of the EAT business has been well considered and created with a sense of care and attention to detail. This handcrafted attitude permeates everything they do.

We built a style that reflects this, with each element contained in it's own special unit.

Considered and cared for!

We carefully crafted the customer journey through the store so that important messages were delivered without generating too much noise.

The finished posters include the compositions and images blended together.

The beautiful posters sites have been designed so that the posters themselves can be turned and changed throughout the day.

We established a photographic style that injected some color into the brand and could be used for promotional and marketing posters in store.

The style has an old school food photography feel to it, a little bit formal, a little bit Scandinavian!

Building a digital signage system was an important destination for the journey.

Again, flexibility is the key as screens change throughout the day, reflecting the menu.

We commissioned Joel Penkman to paint some of her beautiful food illustrations for all the big brand messages.

The illustrations are used as compositions throughout the store, in a very subtle way...

Our solution for the EAT packaging begins with color and the EAT icons, coffee and soup.

The coffee cups carry the ingredients on the outside, because they're special and you should know that.

EAT soup is made in their kitchen everyday, and you should know that too!

The color of the packaging is important.

Each section has it's own color, so every time you touch something green, it's gonna be a sandwich, and anything hot is red.

You get the idea...

The messages are simple and discreet, but layered. They aim to tell the story, without too much fuss.

Attention to detail.

It really counts.