Frae Frozen Yogurt

All sourced from a single farm in Wales, FRAE Frozen Yogurt was a step ahead in terms of its product.

Our task was to turn a great product into a great brand. We have given Frae a voice, injecting fun, humor and confidence into the brand. We have built a flexible system that allows the brand to grow and express its self in different ways. From a typography system based on vintage dairy graphics to beautiful, natural and intimate photography. The Frae brand has everything in place to become an international brand.

Almost all frozen yogurt photography is cold, sterile and shot on a white background. We wanted Frae to be different. Using natural and intimate photography with a real sense of warmth.

Example of how the typographic system works. The stamp and typography interact with each other to create fun and sometimes cheeky conversations.

Hero stamps that engage with the product.

Rather than creating your own, Frae have developed a menu that expresses mouth-watering combos especially selected for you.

Frae in kings road is a real flagship store for the brand. We worked together with the architects to create a store that really represents what the brand is all about.

Aged mild steel lettering based on old milk churns with white neon to create real impact on the Kings road.