Union Jacks

British flatbreads (something very similar to Italian Pizza) feature on the menu at Jamie Oliver's new restaurant.

Our concept for the branding of the new chain is equally as challenging. Without a central identity system; no logo or color or typography, the identity is based on an attitude rather than a strict visual system. The attitude is born out of British post-war youth rebellion, with some classic British food institutions thrown in. The fish and chip shop, the greasy spoon, and the pub all make an appearance.

The hoarding was the first piece of communication relating to the restaurant, so it had to establish the attitude of the restaurant without giving away too much of the concept.

The concept was based around vintage 1970s concert flyposting. The majority of the posters promotes one of the new flatbreads that will be sold in the new restaurant, while others are a simple brand poster supporting the “no brand” concept of the Union Jacks identity.

The identity lacks any consistent brand anchors, logo, colors, typographic system. Certainly makes for better beer coasters.

The main signage for the Holborn site is inside the restaurant above the ovens. The letters are all from vintage Piccadilly Circus signs. Can you pick any of them?

The Chiswick UJs has a completely different feel and shopfront was designed to complement the building, but also generate some impact on what is quite a boring high street.

The staff are given a number of shirts that they can customize depending on their own sense of style.

Faux leatherette menus all the way from your local graesy spoon cafe...

Apart from some video of the golden age of British TV, the website is very web 1.0.