Create Space Fundraiser Workshop

We got together with the designers at Create Space to have some fun, create something meaningful, and raise some funds.

Create Space is a design studio championing mental health support within the creative community. As we approach this year's Mental Health Day (10th of October), The Plant is once again fundraising to ensure the ongoing availability of this vital service.

This year, we've decided to inject a touch of fun into our fundraising efforts. We invited Create Space, and their furry friend, Bubbles the dog, to join us for a T-Shirt making workshop. The objective was to encourage collaboration among designers from each of our studios, challenging them to make a T-Shirt design that would then be used to fundraise.

The brief was simple: Pair up with a designer from the opposite studio and together produce a word or phrase to follow the statement "Create space for...". For instance:

  • Create space for dancing
  • Create space for laughter

You get the drift! The aim was to create thought-provoking, inspiring, and uplifting messages that resonate with our collective mission. Once a word or phrase was chosen, the designers embarked on a creative journey together, selecting fonts and making images that fit with their chosen expressions. This process was fun for all involved but also reaffirmed our commitment to helping those struggling with their mental health in the creative industry.

Our chosen T-Shirt will soon be available for purchase, so watch this space!