Here are 5 Pioneering Businesses Shaping the Future of Sustainable Food Chains... 

We’ve become increasingly obsessed with the food chain and how it effects our environment. Helping businesses reshape our food system has become an important part of our work, which is not surprising, given that we’re called The Plant and so many of our clients are food businesses!

We got together with the designers at Create Space to have some fun, create something meaningful, and raise some funds.

Create Space is a design studio championing mental health support within the creative community. As we approach this year's Mental Health Day (10th of October), The Plant is once again fundraising to ensure the ongoing availability of this vital service.

Perhaps the greatest joy of working in a branding agency is that every week someone or something new walks through our door. It’s the chance to discover new industries, new ideas, and new ways of thinking. In so many ways its a way to regenerate our own process and direction, reset and reframe the way we work.

Giving up some of your time to support a cause that you believe in, is an important part of trying to effect change on the world.

How can Virtual Reality help to tackle the Climate Crisis? Working with a new client building experiences in the Metaverse, has us asking that exact question.

Virtual reality has exploded into the modern psyche as a new frontier for communication and creativity. It came into The Plant’s collective consciousness working with Atmospheric, an inspiring business using VR to create online, immersive gatherings that you can experience from anywhere.

Are sustainable businesses sustainable? We think so, but convincing our clients requires a more subtle conversation.

One of the biggest challenges The Plant faces is persuading our clients that caring about the climate and our society can also be a benefit to their business.

Every month, someone in the studio gets a chance to present something they find interesting, thought provoking, or downright bonkers. 

It’s a chance, to come together and think about the chosen topic (naturally over some beers). 

March was B Corp month, and the theme was what’s #BehindtheB? 


So, our road to B Corp has finally ended, and in late November we became a Certified B Corporation®. It’s taken almost 2 years for us to get here, and we couldn’t be more proud of everyone's input to make this happen. 


So let’s start by saying that we love Christmas. 

We love the coziness, the getting together with friends, the warm hugs and the occasional eggnog. We love closing the door to the office and walking away, to spend some time with our families and our communities in front of the fire, watching TV that we wouldn't normaly be caught dead watching.