Reinventing Everything

So everything’s been turned upside down. Who would have believed a month ago that all professional sports would be cancelled, all theatre, all arts institutions closed and we’re all confined to our homes, some of us working, some not.

Things can change, and things can change quickly when we want them to. Or when we need them to.

This period of enforced stasis on our culture, on our society and on our economy should give us the opportunity to reflect on where we are now, and most importantly where we want to go.

It will give us the opportunity to fix the things that need fixing, to create the things that need creating and change the things that need changing.

Could this be a time to reinvent everything?

Over the last year, and more directly in the last 6 months we’ve been looking at ways to bring issues of sustainability more directly into the heart of what we do. Questions of consumption, production and supply chains have all become far more apparent in our projects as we work with fascinating companies committed to making real change in ethical fashion and plant-based food.

These businesses are tackling these issues head on, not only creating products that appeal to people, but building entirely new markets that provide jobs, reduce emissions and minimize their impact on our environment. 

And beyond these inspiring businesses, our larger clients, the ones with a more global perspective have also continued to question their impact on the climate, creating changes where they can and making difficult decisions that effect their bottom line.

So with the current interruption to commerce and industry, we all have the chance to think about the direction we want to take.

We’ll be taking the sustainable path, taking any time that we have to create systems that could help affect positive change.  

Join us!