As Southeast Asia's largest ever art fair, Art SG had had a number of false starts due to the pandemic. With some of the world's best art galleries attending, Art SG needed a campaign that would create an impact both globally and within Singapore.

Singapore is an island city carved out of a tropical jungle. Called the Garden City by its inhabitants, and the tourist board, its surrounded by beautiful plants and flora. Our concept employed this huge range of beautiful flora, to create an image where the jungle emerges from the Art SG brand.

Partnering with the very talented people of Humid House, Singapore's preeminent floral designers we created and shot a series of installations built from the various flora surrounding the city, built piece by piece, flower by flower.




Piece by piece, flower by the flower, the installation grew. We shot a series of images all with different arrays of flowers and greenery, each shot progressively building in detail.







The campaign flows across the city in a considered series of outdoor advertising, street banners, taxi wraps, and publishing ads. Each of the installations is used to create texture and variety through the campaign and to add color and impact.



bus poster



Gently animated bus posters, introduce the copy and elegantly flows through the various images.


bus poster 2



The campaign was shot over 2 days in a studio in the northern quarter of Singapore, with a talented and skilfull team of florists, designer and photographers.












close up