Better Nature was born from a desire to better understand the impact of the food production system on our planet, with more people looking for a nutritious, affordable, and tasty plant-based source of protein. The answer to the search was a 300-year-old Indonesian staple, Tempeh. 

Indonesians have been eating tempeh for centuries. Tested over time, tempeh is a trusted, natural food, made in a kitchen, the good old way. But in the Western world, Tempeh is a new and unknown quantity. From naming to the concept design, our main focus was to create a fun and engaging brand that will put Better Nature at the forefront of the Tempeh movement.

We created a system of characters based around the soy-beans that make up Tempeh. These allowed us to create playful illustrations to adorn the brand. Along with typography that is more playful and colours that are more unique than a lot of vegan products, the Better Nature brand stands out as a challenger brand in a somewhat homogenised market. 

logo ani

Tempeh is a fermented soy cake, often cooked wrapped and sold in banana leaves. The cake, once sliced has a distinctive pattern that is the inspiration for our Bean Army.

4 bean ani




The name Better Nature refers to our natural sense of goodness, as a society looking to protect the environment, as well as the amazing natural product that is tempeh




Crisps Front and Back




Better Nature's first product is tempeh crisps. As a high protein, low fat food, the crisps are a healthy snack for everyone and vegans in particular. It's good to eat, and it's a positive, bright, fun brand with packaging to match.




bean 004
bean 003




Better Nature's fresh tempeh products will be packaged in a sustainable paper-based material in blocks that are easily stackable. Tempeh can be produced from any pulse, bean or nut so the variations are endless!




Fresh Tempeh
Fresh Tempeh Variations
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T Back
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Food packaging is not just an art, but a craft. The devil is in the detail. 

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