Inspired by the chicken and beer joints of Korea and their offspring on New York’s Lower East Side, Wing Wing wanted to create a unique food experience based on the phenomenon of “Chimaek” (Chicken + Beer).

Influenced by the addictive energy of K-Pop, we developed the name, positioning, and a unique visual identity for the brand. A bespoke wordmark, which features the Korean characters for ‘Chimaek’, and a logo created from the ‘WW’ make it into an instantly recognisable identity.

The bright colours and bold graphics are matched with equally provocative copy, creating a fun, engaging experience. 

WING WING Branding





The first location of the new Wing Wing experience was Tavistock Square in Central London. As a building in a conservation zone, the exterior signage needed to be subtle and sympathetic to its surroundings.





Given the lively nature of the brand and its identity this was a significant task! We think the overall effect is both elegant and engaging at the same time, and while it's not quite as vibrant as some of our initial designs, we're still pleased with the result.






The interiors are born out of the identity, bright colours and patterns bouncing out of a neutral background. We essentially created a concrete box, then designed a series of brand interventions through the space.







A hyperreal space that reflects the colour and energy of K-Pop, the aim of the space is to create a mood that's both fast food and cool bar.





The interior concept needed to establish two quite different moods. The first was a fast food environment that would opperate throughout the day, while the second established a more sophisticated space that would operate as a bar as day turned to night.







The Plant has implemented the concept across every touch point for the brand, designing Wing Wing’s menu systems, website and uniforms; as well as its very own poppy animation and catchy jingle, which you can watch above
The Wing Wing food packaging pops out of the cool, furnished space, wrapped in the brand's vibrant patterns and including some of the many copy lines we developed.
Don't sell out, take out!