A unique experience of passion and exchange for the jewellery world. ArtVendôme brings together international jewellery designers, heritage maisons, contemporary jewellery artists and vintage dealers in an expertly curated dialogue between jewellery and art.

Scheduled to debut at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris, in early 2024, the fair will welcome a broad audience, inspiring collectors, enthusiasts and new generations, encouraging discovery, creative interpretation and the transmission of savoir-faire for the future of jewellery.

We created a simple, bold identity that reflects the contemporary world of jewellery, as well as high end French luxury brands. Bringing together a mix of clean layouts and typography to create design system that let's jewellery speak for itself.







Held in the temporary wooden structure, the Grand Palais Ėphémère, built to replace the Grand Palais while it undergoes a complete restoration, ArtVendôme is located in the heart of Parisien culture and style.




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The brand was brought to life across a variety of digital and print formats, showcasing Artvendôme's new world of jewellery.










We developed the artdirection and created a shoot that emphasised the craftmanship of jewellery through macro photography paired with vibrant backgrounds.




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The new Artvendôme website was created using the same structured grid system that is at the core of the visual identity, highlighting information through flood colour and bold imagery.




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