Corner is Tate Modern's new Café and Bar, located in the lower corner of the gallery on London's Bankside. Open to the public, it has a style, scale and sensibility befitting its position as the lead Café and Bar of one of the world’s great art galleries, at the heart of one of the world’s great cities. 

The Tate is first and foremost a public space and a site of creative learning, and Corner is an extension of this. It embodies cherished Tate values of democracy, accessibility, creativity, and risk-taking, while also being distinct enough to be a destination in its own right. 

Our identity was developed alongside the naming, gently playing with space and location, turning and folding using the corners and apexes of the site to create impact and interest.

logo lockup



The Corner logo is a simple folding of the word, giving the impression of a 3 dimensional space.






Reflecting the simple folded typography, the signage and wayfinding system uses the natural elements of the building to create some interesting type forms.



outdoor corner


Menu Cover



The singular, straightforward idea is for the words to flow across all the forms and shapes, whether its a sign, a menu or animations.



animation small logo white
turbine hall sign


sign close up
turbine hall



Visible from the Turbine Hall and entrances, the signage creates an understandable destination for visitors no matter where they're from.





The signs change depending on your perspective, and moving around them is sometimes the only way to read them.



Corner outdoor sign
plinth 001



A series of plinths with text flowing over them were created to guide people from the riverbank into the gallery space.



plinth 002


text wrap close up
meno cover 002



The menus are made from a durable, vegan leather alternative, in line with the sustainable values of Tate.



menu close up
menu close up 002



The subtle debossing flows gently around the spine of the menus, as lovely to touch as it is to look at.



menu open







Corner is open 7 days a week, and late from Thursday to Saturday. More than just a space for visitors to Tate Modern, it provides a sophisticated destination for late night locals.




open door