With over 80 years of screening some of the world’s best alternative and independent film, the much-loved Curzon needed to refresh its brand and expand its audience. The Curzon business needed some consolidation, with its revolutionary Home Cinema and Artificial Eye distribution company coming under the Curzon umbrella.

Light playing in the dark, the powerfully emotional experience of being in cinema, and some classic cinema type combine to create a striking and unique identity. The Curzon logo has been completely redrawn while maintaining some of its original form, and a punchy three line copy system adopted.

Curzon aim to grow to over 50 screens in the coming years. With new cinemas opening in Victoria, Cantebury, Sheffield and the newly remodelled Renoir to relaunch as Curzon Bloomsbury in early 2015, the new Curzon identity and brand will play an important part in its rebirth.





We worked closely with the Curzon management team to establish a new architecture for the business and the brand. Within this new architecture two sub-brands would be established, Curzon Artificial Eye and Curzon Home Cinema.





The new branding will be applied to all signage across the country with each site having its own bespoke signage created.





We created a beautiful, cinematic pre-roll ident that would be played before all screenings at all theatres. There were also versions created for Curzon Artificial Eye and Curzon Home Cinema.





The contemporary experience of going to the cinema includes more than just popcorn. Cocktails, coffee and great food will be an increasingly important part of Curzon's cinemas.
We've created a series of menus and food packaging to help support this new attitude.





Where would you like to watch your film? At home, or at a cinema?

As the Curzon business consolidates and the experience of watching new release films expands online, the entry point to the Curzon website is simplified.