EAT provide great food-to-go with a rare attention to detail and curiosity that’s unique in their sector. But their identity and customer experience wasn’t reflecting what goes on behind the scenes.

We created an identity and experience that’s inspired by the “handcrafted” care and attention they put in to their food. We crafted our own layout and typography system and wrote some wonderful, understated copy to harmonise with the visual identity.

Customers are connecting with our handcrafted attitude towards every touchpoint. And the business figures are far beyond our wildest dreams...

• Sales increase in new stores by av. 25%
• Highest sales increase 40% 
• Color-coded packaging makes shopping easier
• Digital signage makes menus flexible
• New shopfronts increase standout

The beautiful work of Joel Penkman illustrate not only the food offering, but the attention to detail and care taken with all its preparation.
We match the illustrations with the copy lines and type compositions to create powerful, but understated brand messages through the locations.





The entire EAT experience was transformed, creating a space that was brighter, warmer and much easier to navigate. Chosing your lunch become much simpler with color informing choice.





The broad range of packaging has been created using different colours for each food section. This not only creates a more vibrant environment but creates a simpler experience for people as they choose their lunch.
There's real care and attention given to all the elements of design on the packaging. To the Nth detail!

About a million EAT carry out bags are used every month, so it made sense for them to have something memorable printed on them.

We built a style for the food photography which created strong and colourful backgrounds to be used as sites for typographic messages.
They add colour and texture to the experience, and create opportunities to promote new products and tastes.