With a heritage dating back more than 600 years, a sense of place and history was important to the Gordon Castle brand. As an existing centre for salmon fishing on the Spay river, using the Castle as elegant accomodation, the family have transformed the Victorian walled garden into an amazing space.

We spent time with the Gordon family at the castle and found some beautiful artifacts that would be transformed into a strong brand anchor. This brand anchor would unify the two distinct streams of the business, the more traditional stream that would support the salmon fishing business, and the more elegant version which would be used to create wonderfully branded products.






The brand moves from strength to strength with the opening of the Victorian walled garden and its landscaped environment that houses a restaurant an cafe, as well as a garden centre.




The Gordon Castle Distilled Gin has become a top-selling, award-winning staple of the Gordon Castle brand.

The identity is broken down into two very distinct streams, which are unified by the "G" which acts as a strong brand anchor.
The first stream, which is used to support the salmon fishing and accommodation side of the business, uses the colours of the Gordon tartan and a more traditional layout style.
The second stream of the brand is used for products developed from the produce of the castle's walled garden. These products are skincare and scent are more focussed on a feminine market and style.
The colours used reflect the beautiful earth and nature around the estate.
Gordan Castle