Evolution Meats is an inspiring new plant-based food company based in the Netherlands. Their mission is to make products from plants not meat, that have a flavour that tastes like the real thing, all inspired by the traditions of grilling meat around the world. Aimed squarely at flexitarians and starting with Döner Kebabs, the products have a flavour that tastes just like the real thing.

Crafted from age-old traditions of grilling meat around the world - kebabs, shawarma, gyros and satays - Evolution Meat have created a range of meat from plants that are healthier, tastier and will give you back confidence in what you’re eating. If you could eat meat that tasted great, had the same texture, but was made from plants not animals, would you?

We created a strong name and found clever ways to communicate Evolution Meats unique products. We designed a unique identity, inspired by the cultural movements of the 70s, and their charming symbols, finding ways to tempt people that wanted to cut their meat consumption, but not the great taste of grilled meat.












We created the name Evolution Meats after a long process that integrated the companies ethical and business approach, hoping to encourage positive change in food consumption.






The evocative name is supported with a series of powerful messages that reinforce the brands mission, and communicate its offering.




Hang loose, V for Vegan or just take it easy. We think the hand symbol is pretty rad!



Hand Gif
icons pattern



The EVOLUTION wordmark uses painted text to create a mood that suggests a protest movement, something you could see painted on a placard.

logo zoom



The wordmark is fused with text to describe each of the products.

horizontal gif





Icons are created for all of the Evolution Meats products and are all animated to create movement and life to the website and social media messaging. Additional stickers are used to promote the brands slogans.












The Evolution Meats packaging aims to express the fun of the brand, but also the deeper message of change that the brand symbolises.




packaging 2




The website serves to presents Evolution Meats mouthwatering products, in a positive, energetic way that gives browsers the opportunity to better understand the mission of the brand.




web 001
web 002

And what revoltion comes without its own tote bag?

Totes for the people!




The identity has been created using a flexible sytem that allows for any number of variations, for use in all applications - packaging, digital, social media. the Evolution continues!



logo setup