With over 37 separate productions across the globe, MasterChef had become a global authority on food and cooking. Its vast, global TV audience would listen with respect when it talked.

We created a multi-channel strategy for the brand that could take them into food retail, kitchen ware, publication, events and online.All unified by the brand essence of “Inspiring Food Lovers”.With a consistent and coherent brand identity the MasterChef brand is growing exponentially

The brand continues to grow-

• 43 unique productions globally
• Kitchenware brand launched in France
• Food retail range to be launched in the UK
• New books launched in the UK, USA, Australia and France
• YouTube channel in production









Alongside a complete rebrand and rollout, we created a full on-air identity, with animations, break bumpers and title sequences. All complete with exploding logos!





The new MasterChef identity has been rolled out across the world, including all of the animated idents and title sequences (created by The Plant) and including set designs.
This is the set design for the new Canadian series.
The trophies also get the treatment. The design is almost good enough to eat!





The 3 different strands of the program, the core series, The Professionals and MasterChef Junior all needed a position and identity that would reflect their content.





The MasterChef Professional range of products and publications is designed to have a more premium feel.
This reflects both the skill of the chefs involved and the quality of the products themselves.
We shot a library of images to be used for all the Masterchef design and marketing across the world.
The clean and elegant style of the photography and the food, reflects the skill and experience required to win the program and become more than just an amateur cook.
The MasterChef Junior strand of the brand creates a unique identity for the Junior version of the program.
The range of kids products has proven to be hugely popular, as children are becoming more interested and engaged with cooking.