The Sirens call you to Pelagos, a refined, luxurious seafood restaurant based in the heart of the Athenian riviera. With views of the ocean and fish on the menu, this is a place that is very much of the sea. 

Inspired by the definition of the Greek 'Pelagos', meaning the sea, we created an identity that represents the freedom and vastness of the open water. With pastel washes and blue hues we reflected the distinctive patterns of the ocean throughout the designs. 

The Mermaid symbol of Pelagos is inspired by the Greek myth, where Sirens would lure nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices. The siren appears in forms throughout the space, tempting diners to the sea...






Colors of the ocean, and the form of waves create a unique identity that flows across all the objects created for Pelagos, and a home for our little mermaid.






Sea View
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Menu Open Blue
The rich menu system is created from a warm, textured leather printed with a wave pattern, and feature a brass spine with an etched wordmark. Made in both deep-sea blue and cream.
Mermaid Leather
The interiors designed by Martin Brudnizki’s studio reflect Scandinavian sensibilities, balance tradition and modernity in a super-layered yet pulled-back style, creating something that feels familiar and welcoming.
Our little mermaid finds iteself throughout the space, including these lovely silver cutlery holders.
Mermaid 3D
Olive Oil





The typography is simple and clean, using a number of synthesised typefaces that harmoniously work together.





Dessert Menu
Brass Back
Held Menu
Cheque Presenter Open