Hatherley Mews had for over 100 years been a hub for small businesses. The new owners of the Mews wanted to create a real sense of identity around the now vibrant creative community in Walthamstow, but needed a memorable name and a beautiful brand.

The Tramworks was inspired by the rich history of the area and the site's former use as a tram turnaround.

The design is inspired by early century public transport including rolling destination blinds and stencil numerals synonymous with the trams that used to be housed here.

From the typography to the corten steel signs, everything has been inspired by the past yet we have added our own modern twist.

With a great location and an iconic name, The Tramworks has a full occupancy, with all space being taken in advance of opening.

The Tramworks



The identity is designed to feel like a tram's destination blind, that drivers and conductors used to identify where the tram was going. In this case the destination was Hoe Street in Walthanstow.





The signage and wayfinding system reflects this style to create an engaging, but useful system of getting around the site.






All the tramworks signage has been fret cut from corten steel the same process used for the original tram signs in 1905.











On the wall in the tunnel entrance to the mews, we created a large scale mural was hand-painted directly onto the wall. It features some very interesting facts about The Tramworks, and some fascinating history about London's historical tram network.


Our favourite is the Great Tram Chase. Really. Google it!