Creating a fresh and timeless brand for Art 15 was pivotal in terms of the fair’s longevity and position within the market. Art15 wanted their rebrand to demonstrate their unique global proposition within the art fair landscape.

The word mark overlaps “art” with “2015” in a bid to reflect the fair’s international reach. The aesthetic was born out of screenprinting experiments, and aims to create a final identity that’s bold and simple. 

With its stand out new rebrand, Art 15 reached out to a larger and more diverse audience, attracting the likes of art curators, gallerists, regular attendees of the world’s top art fairs and art and culture enthusiasts from around the world.

Close up detail of screen printed logo. The colours reflect the fair’s springtime launch and its bold, bright and distinctive new look.


Screenprinting techniques were used to create a layered effect for the word mark. The logo was born from these experiments and then further refined. 
The main entrance sign was built up from layered perspex and positioned on the corner of the mirrored cube. This allowed it to be viewed from each side, reinforcing the 'global' message.





A series of color-coded sub-brands were designed for each section of the fair. The made finding your way around the fair much easier and built a real sense of depth to the scope of work on show.








A further sub-brand was created for the Art15 Projects, which were a series of installations and interventions spread across the entire site. A map detailing the artists and locations was given to every guest to the fair.





Art 15