Ice cream that takes you somewhere different; somewhere Wilder. The culmination of a love of nature, of using the best ingredients in the in the simplest way, and a little bit of magic, Wilder is a perfect culinary moment, waiting in your freezer. Grab a spoon. 

Christoffer Hruskova is obsessed with ice cream. The Danish chef is best known for North Road, his Michelin-starred restaurant in London where he explored new-Nordic culinary themes, but he’s always been fascinated by ice cream. Could he make a restaurant quality product, showcasing more unusual botanical flavours, for eating at home? 

Wilder celebrates journeys and stories. The logo mark and type style are a reflection of Christoffer’s journey into the world of ice cream and the research, discovery and testing undertaken in order to create these unique flavours. The brand concept explores the idea of foraging and the journey to discover your own path.

Logo with stickers



The wordmark lends itself beautifully to animation that suggests natural movement across a landscape.

Ice cream image with stickers
Field to freezer
Sticker GIF


Ice cream that takes you somewhere different
logo black ani
flat graphic of Burnt Butter description
Pine ice cream packaging

We have extensively researched into sustainable packaging options which would work in a wholesale/supermarket setting. This ensures the brand ethos is carried out across all touch-points.



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