Our campaign for ART SG 2024 celebrates the Singapore shophouse - an architectural gem unique to the island. The shophouse - with a shop below and residence above - has evolved its style throughout the history of Singapore, from Neoclssical, Chinese Baroque, Rococo to Tropical Modern, all influenced by the various cultural constituents of this diverse city.

The image is an intervention into the city, aiming to fuse the experience of ART SG with the culture and heritage of Singapore.

The 2024 campaign was another collaboration with Humid House, Singapore's most inspiring floral artists, and was shot over 2 days throughout the cty's historic districts.

art sg tube poster



We shot the campaign at 3 locations across the city. This shop house is located on Everton Road, and is considered in the Modernist style



Blair Road



This Neoclassical shop house, has a simplae style and is located in Blair Road





The final location was at this very elaborate shop house on Petain Road, built in the Chinese baroque style.



petain road
Art SG Tube poster 3 site
detail 001



Look closely and you'll see the lovely detail in the images, how you can see into someone's living room, how the beautiful tiles are matched by the arrangements, or the pots etched with flowers.



detail 002
detail 003








It's a shame we couldn't include all of the buildings in the images. They are stunning.



location 003